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Facial Treatment with Snail Therapy

Facial Treatment with Snail Therapy

Are many ways to do facials , for example, with a healthy lifestyle and modern treatments are super expensive. In Thailand, there are ageless therapy that is quite unique and inexpensive, the use of snail slime.

Launch Mashable on Thursday (04/02/2015), snail therapy was introduced last year by two French citizens in the city of Chiang Mai. From there, snail therapy began widely known and become a trend in itself.

In response to these trends, health inspectorate Chiang Mai in the last month doing research whether this therapy is safe or not. To date, the results were not released.

Facial Treatment
Many ways to do facials. In Thailand, there is a unique facial treatment practices by utilizing the snail mucus (Photo:

Nevertheless, the medical world has confirmed that the mucus of the snail contains nutrients and antioxidants. Dr. Dissapong Panithaporn, a dermatilogis experts say that, although there is no specific scientific studies how slime works nourish the skin.

Champeyroux, the initiator of this unique therapy, said that the snail mucus can heal burns, acne, scars and slow aging.

The process of therapy snail slime is very easy. A nurse stay put 4-5 snails on your face and let them move freely there to leave mucus.

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